Men and women of different ethnicities, locking hands in peaceful protest.

The mission of Alter the Narrative is to provide reliable resources and education that support the Black Communities of Dallas (and beyond), so that we may reshape the narrative to one that is honest and more reflective of the reality we live in.

We believe change starts small. Change starts in our own backyard and in our hometown. Understanding Dallas’ Black History casts a new light on the struggle of our Black Communities. Many people have questions too, but don’t know where to start or what materials are reliable. To that end, Alter the Narrative is a safe place to learn and grow. There is no agenda here. Our only goal is to provide information and resources that enables one to enrich their lives through empathy and start down their own path towards building equity. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity to better themselves through continued education.

Finally, it should go without saying that this website barely scratches the surface of the wealth of information available online addressing race and injustice around the nation. To educate yourself on this subject is a responsibility that is yours, and yours alone. We hope this website is only one of the many educational resources you may reference as you work to Alter the Narrative. Welcome.