Current Activists and Influencers

There are good folks from every corner of the globe dedicated to social justice. Here are just a few of these incredible people (and a few accounts) you should follow to stay connected, informed, and active in altering the narrative.

Dallas Activists

Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III
Pastor Michael W. Waters
Sarah Mokuria
Kristian Steffany
Sh. Omar Suleiman
Jodi Voice
Maria Yolisma Garcia
Brittany White
John Fullinwider
Rabbi Nancy Kasten
Rev. Dr. George A. Mason

National Activists

Marcie Alvis-Walker
Brittany Packnett Cunningham
DeRay Mckesson
The Conscious Kid
S. Lee Merritt
Justin A. Moore
Branden Harvey
Myisha T. Hill
Ebony Janice
Ethel's Club
Equality Labs
Rachel Cargle
R29 Unbothered
Strong Black Lead
Mireille Cassandra Harper